In one simple answer, Small Businesses! We are the back office solution for any business looking to start or grow. We specialize in the financial managment it takes to start your business, the branding involved, the social media needed to grow and the marketing used to put your name out in the world. We are your cheerleaders and your biggest fan.

Our main goal at The Valley Group is to help you grow while staying within your budget. Our pricing is no different. We have many different packages to fit all budgets and business sizes! A free consultation is the best way for us to come up with your custom pricing model.

Absolutely! Our favorite things to do with our clients is educate. Whether we are doing your bookkeeping for you or helping you along the way, we are always training you in smart business growth tactics.

We can and we will! Tax law is ever changing and The Valley Group makes it a point to stay up-to-date on all the laws involved. When we see an area of improvement, we will be there to assist.

Because we’re awesome! Well, at least we think so. Really though, By hiring an outside firm, you get the autonomy that allows a outsiders professional point of view on your books. We save you money on payroll taxes and go above and beyond for all of our clients. We promise, you’ll love having us on your team!

Schedule an appointment, drink some coffee with us and chat about your needs and goals. That’s all it takes!

We do all of our website design and marketing design in house by both employees and contractors and we source out our print one floor below us, so we’re always right there!

For your time. Honestly, that’s the easiest answer I can tell you. The time it spends to research hashtags, create content, curate a layout and make sure that engagement is kept up can be overwhelming. When we do it for you, you gain back that valuable time to put toward something much more exciting in your business!