What's in a Brand?

Hi All!! Today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite things here at TVG! BRANDING! I know, you all are just as excited as I am! There is a lot of confusion about what branding is, and why exactly is it important to put so much time and effort into figuring out yours. The best way to think about what your brand is, is the outward facing mental picture of your company. It’s how consumers view you, the first taste it puts in their mouth about you. It delivers your message about your company’s why. It focuses on your businesses vision, style, product, atmosphere and personality. It’s an unspoken message about the type of target market that you are trying to attract. Brands create loyalty. The ensue emotional connections with your consumers. And all of this is done simply (we put that lightly!) by creating So What’s in a Brand? Here are a few key elements of your brand:

  1. Promise – tells the world your purpose.It provides a guide for your marketing and a direction of your customer experience. It’s what your brand is telling the world to expect from them. It could also be a literal promise about their products or services and confirm your company goals.

  2. Persona – Brand personas are your personality attributes and qualities that can define your personality as well as your brand. Identity Shoppe has an awesome list of brand personas that you can find here!

  3. Perception – Brand perception is owned by consumers, not by the brand themselves. Regardless of the message you are trying to portray to your clientele, your brand perception is whatever people are thinking and saying about your brand. This is important when you are growing your business and can be attained by focus groups, surveys and other materials that allows your client to interact with you and tell you how they feel about your brand.

  4. Expectation – This is the expectation that a customer has when they hear your company’s name or see your company logo. For example, when you see the golden arches of McDonald’s sign, you know exactly what to expect whether you are in California and Baghdad (other than maybe some strange menu options!!). Keeping your brand expectations consistent regardless of the time or place is crucial to building your brand!

  5. Components – This is where most people stop when they think of the word “brand”. Components of your brand include your logo, color choice, font, text placement, etc. If you are a company that appeals to girls between the ages of 3 and 8, than your components may include a lot of bright pinks, yellows and purples. If you are beard accessory company, your components will be more masculine with font and colors that would appeal to the male demographic.
When you put all of these elements together, you are able to grow a strong, solid and consistent brand that builds client trust.